Graduhit is a web application that leverages a machine learning recommendation system to help recent graduates find job matches and receive support from other people who have been successful finding a job in a similar field. The recommendation system uses a hybrid approach to cognitively provide users with personalized job recommendations that align with both the preferences of the student and needs of the employer to locate job matches that a user is likely to apply for.

Solving this problem matters because the Gen Z generation is projected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. Yet, two-thirds of college students struggle to transition into the workforce, post graduation. Conversely, employers struggle to find workers with the right qualifications even though there is a high rate of unemployment for Gen Z. This results in many graduates being forced to take any job that comes along and also leads to severe social, mental health, and economic problems among younger people.

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Charles Nimo
Charles Nimo
Computer Science

I am broadly interested in machine learning, trustworthy AI, and computer vision.